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CITY COUNCIL MEETING <br />January 5, 2021 <br />ON LINE MEETING VIA WEBEX <br />7:00 p.m. <br /> A G E N D A <br /> CITIZEN PARTICIPATION <br /> <br />THE PUBLIC MAY PARTICIPATE IN THIS MEETING BY EMAILING <br />mglick@CI.ROBBINSDALE.MN.US OR CALLING MARCIA GLICK, CITY <br />MANAGER, AHEAD OF TIME AT 763-531-1258. THE PUBLIC WILL BE ABLE <br />TO LISTEN BY CALLING +1-312-535-8110 AND ENTERING ACCESS CODE <br />177 724 5476. IF PROMPTED, HIT #. <br />TO WATCH THIS MEETING ONLINE, GO TO <br />cities/robbinsdale. <br /> <br />The City Council is meeting as a legislative body to conduct the business of the City according to <br />the RULES OF PROCEDURE AND DECORUM OF THE CITY COUNCIL. Unless so ordered by <br />the Mayor, citizen participation is limited to the following times and always within the prescribed <br />rules of conduct for public input at meetings. <br /> <br />A) PUBLIC HEARINGS: Public hearings are conducted so that the public affected by a proposal <br />may have input into the decision. During hearings, all affected residents will be given an <br />opportunity to speak pursuant to the RULES OF PROCEDURE AND DECORUM OF THE CITY <br />COUNCIL. <br /> <br />OPPORTUNITY FOR THE PUBLIC TO ADDRESS THE CITY COUNCIL ON MATTERS NOT <br />ON THE AGENDA If you would like to address the City Council on an item not on the <br />agenda, please call in advance as noted above. <br /> <br />Any member of the public may speak at this time on any item NOT on the agenda. In <br />consideration for the public attending the meeting for specific items on the agenda, this <br />portion of the meeting will be limited to fifteen (15) minutes. Individuals are requested to <br />limit their comments to four (4) minutes or less. If the majority of the Council determines <br />that additional time on a specific issue is warranted, then discussion on that issue shall be <br />continued under Other Business at the end of the agenda. Before addressing the City <br />Council, members of the public are asked to step up to the microphone, give their name, <br />address and state the subject to be discussed. All remarks shall be addressed to the <br />Council as a whole and not to any member thereof. No person other than members of the <br />Council and the person having the floor shall be permitted to enter into any discussion <br />without permission of the presiding officer. <br /> <br />Your participation, as prescribed by the Council's RULES, is welcomed and your <br />cooperation is greatly appreciated. <br /> 1. CITY COUNCIL MEETING CALLED TO ORDER <br /> <br />2. ROLL CALL: Kline, Webb, Selman, Backen, Mayor Blonigan <br /> <br />3. MICROPHONE CHECK: Kline, Webb, Selman, Backen, Mayor Blonigan <br /> <br />